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Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of your house is essential for many reasons. A good quality paint job beautifies and adds character to your house but more importantly paint serves as one of the primary lines of defence from the harsh New Zealand weather, insects and other damage. So it's an important part of house maintenance that would ensure your house is protected as well as holds it's value.

At Colourflex painting we have experience in painting every kind of outdoor material.

  • Composite
  • Vinyl 
  • Wood 
  • Fascia and Eavestrough
  • Stucco
  • Fences
  • Decks
  • Patios and Railings

When it comes to painting preparation is everything!

We pride ourselves in the quality of our trade and we have hundreds of highly satisfied customers. Our attention to detail when it comes to preparation is what sets us apart from others. 

Here are some of the following steps we take to ensure a quality paint finish that will last for years to come:

  • Power wash with chemical agent to remove dirt, moss and mildew
  • Cover all the plants and trees
  • Cover decks and patios
  • Tape up the surfaces that won't be painted
  • Fill holes or cracks in the walls, doors and window frames
  • Carry out minor repairs required before painting
  • Sand off minor blemishes  
  • Apply primer where required

Once the preparation work is complete, we then move onto applying 2-3 coats of high quality paint on the surfaces  to make sure the finish comes out as perfect as possible.

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